Summer Language school in Germany

Do you want to spend an exciting and fun-filled summer in one of the prettiest countries in Europe, while also furthering your studies and learning German? If so, then our summer school program in Germany is perfect for you!


We offer a 3-4 week long intensive language program with highly-qualified German language professors in Berlin. What our program includes: 

  • 4 hours of intensive German language study from Monday - Friday
  • help with administrative paperwork and accommodations
  • fun events that include: barbecues, museum visits, sightseeing, language tandem partner events, bar-hopping, club nights, and much more!

What kind of services will we additionally provide (FAQ): 

  1. Will there be a guardianship for young kids under 18? YES, IF PARENTS WISH, WE WILL ORGANIZE THIS.
  2. Is there a "Meet & Greet" when they arrive in Germany?YES! EACH CLIENT WILL BE WELCOMED INDIVIDUALLY BY OUR TEAM IN BERLIN.
  3. Any social arrangement for new student to be integrated with local? YES. WE OFFER MANY SOCIAL EVENTS SUCH AS LANGUAGE TANDEM MEETINGS, COOKING CLASSES, FUN PARK VISITS, MUSIC CONCERTS and many more :)
  4. Will our company help the students to find an accommodation? YES! WE WILL SUPPORT OUR CLIENTS TO FIND AN ACCOMODATION.


This program is open to any individual of the following individuals:

  • high school students over 16 years old with parent permission
  • university students of all ages
  • any private person seeking to further their German language skills and experience a fun summer in Germany


Does this all sound exciting, but you wish to spend more than a summer in Germany? Do you want to earn a degree at a prestigious German University? Click 'MORE INFO' for details on how we can make this happen!