Welcome to the Wunderkind® Institute for Career and Educational Consulting. Our institute was founded in 2016. In the Wunderkind Institute we offer competent educational counselling and career guidance.


Wunderkind is a term for people who, even as a child, show abilities in certain areas that are usually not reached until adulthood or not at all. In colloquial language highly gifted children with outstanding skills in special disciplines are often referred to as prodigies.
The expression prevailed in the 19th century, especially in concert. The description of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a "child prodigy" is particularly familiar to this day.
Immanuel Kant called Christian Heinrich Heineken, born in 1721, who had already mastered Latin and French at the age of two, written a Danish story at three, brilliant in mathematics and died at four and a half years, an "intelligent child prodigy of ephemeral existence" and one of the "digressions the nature of their rule ".


As academics, we, at Wunderkind® Institute, conduct research on the subject of career guidance and develop sustainable projects and concepts together with you - representatives from schools, universities and companies - that enable career advancement and successful career planning. Careers can be planned! We advise and accompany you - scientifically, competently and with cultural sensitivity.

We are career and education consultants with experience in science, research, and business. We offer consulting services for universities, schools, companies, students, and pupils.


Dr. phil. Damir Softic is the founder and managing director of Wunderkind. He holds a doctorate in sociology, political science, and communication science. He worked on his doctoral thesis "New Elites? Migrants in Politics" at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. In this thesis, he analyzes scientific factors that lead to professional success and political advancement in the lives of migrants. The success strategies that he has analysed in this research project can be used profitably for furthering career paths. This scientific competence flows into each of the consulting projects. You too can benefit from the advantages of scientifically based career and education guidance!


your life. your business. careers can be planned!

We are an institute that uses scientific methods to support, guide and advise university and high school students, peoples looking to change their degree or career, parents, and professionals. Our services include all of the following:

  • We conduct scientifically based aptitude tests that will help you find the courses and study path that is right for you! We will also analyze your potential, habits, strengths and weaknesses. 
  • We can help you find a suitable university abroad so that you can study for a semester and gain new career-promoting experiences.
  • We help you find internships and jobs that will further your career.
  • We support and advise you on your academic thesis, which will help you obtain your academic degree. 
  • We help students in India, China and other international countries find a university in Germany. This includes language courses, summer schools, or BA/MA programs. 
  • We assist United States universities in recruiting more international students for summer, semester, year-long or even degree seeking programs. 
  • We assist businesses in finding and recruiting highly skilled professionals and specialists.

With our scientific expertise, we advise you in a targeted, individual, and career-promoting manner. We draw on research results from psychological aptitude diagnostics, labor market research, sociology, and educational research to accompany you competently, seriously and efficiently on your way up the career ladder. We also conduct research at Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin on economic sociology, participation, integration, and biographical research. The empirical methods in which we are trained include habit analysis based on Pierre Bourdieu, qualitative biographical-narrative interview techniques (Alfred Schütz, Gabriele Rosenthal) and potential analysis (according to ICD-10 WHO).  We are happy to use our scientific expertise to successfully advise you on the right career path.