University recruitment of students

Do you have enrollment deficits at your university and are you missing out on valuable income and tuition fees? Would you like to attract more international students to your degree programmes?


For some time now, private and state universities have been able to select their students more independently and individually. This is causing increasing competition among universities. Successful recruitment of students depends on: specific and diverse nature of the courses offered, quality of teaching and research, and range of attractive additional services for your students.


The use of targeted marketing instruments should also not be underestimated. The recruitment of foreign students, especially, requires knowledge of these countries and their cultures in order to approach in a more sensitive manner. We specialize in placing foreign students in German universities. Together with our partner agencies in India, Vietnam, Brazil and other countries, we operate a successful local marketing campaign for the many degree programs of German universities.


Your university could also benefit from our resources!


Thank you for your interest. We would be pleased to present you with innovative and proven concepts for recruiting suitable students for your university. Contact our team!



Recruitment in India

In India we run an agency with which we recruit Indian students who want to study in Germany. With our cooperation partner we operate offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and in the state of Punjab. On site, we implement the marketing and recruitment of students who want to study abroad - especially in Germany - at renowned Indian top universities.


We conduct application interviews and aptitude diagnostic tests with interested students in order to check their suitability. They often already study successfully in India, have very good grades and valuable previous knowledge. Our students are very well qualified and financially well equipped so that they can pay the tuition fees at private universities independently. These students are therefore certainly an interesting target group for the study programmes at your university. In addition, we can guarantee you the placement of a fixed minimum number of students per degree programme and academic year, so that the number of places in your B.A. and M.A. degree programs can be fully utilized. If we do not comply with this, we will bear the costs for the missed income and tuition fees.


We believe that by recruiting Indian students you are greatly adding to the internationalism of your student body and your study programs. Recruit new students through Wunderkind without any problems and at low cost and effort to you!