german university campus tours experience

Our campus tour visits are unlike any other. In this unique program, we take your high school students on a 9 day long experience throughout Germany that even extends into Amsterdam, Netherlands. 


Our institute organizes the entire tour for your school, your students, and even their parents. We book all accommodations, busses, and public transportation for theis Tour Experience.


We visit 5 of the highest ranked private universities in Germany. These visits include:

  • 45 minute sample lecture by a current professor 
  • 1 hour presentation by the International Office Manager that includes the following information: structure of the university, application process, conditions of enrollment, options for internships, introduction to the Business Network System
  • 1 hour presentation from a current student that answers all the following questions: What does student life look like in Germany? How is the exam procedure structured? How are the job opportunities after graduation?